Getting in the Game with OTT

by SeaChange on Jul 20, 2016 10:19:45 AM

A game is more than just a game for true sports fans.  It’s a lifestyle.  The question for premium video delivery providers is how can we help empower that lifestyle.  The answer is with an OTT platform that delivers an individualized experience that sports-centered consumers can tune into and enjoy 24/7.

According to recent studies, 63% of fans polled are more than willing to pay for an all-sports OTT subscription.  Such a subscription is based on a smorgasbord of scores, personalities and timeless plays served up in a tantalizing variety of ways.  All that’s required is some serious team love and a passion for digging into an all-you-can-eat experience featuring home screen highlights, replay reels, classic clips, binge advance, trending stories and universal search capabilities.


As anyone familiar with Netflix and Hulu knows, OTT has been around for a while.  But specialty markets like sports are just starting to understand the potential it holds as a wholly new way to excite fans and expand their brands.  And not just on one device, but on all screens, all the time.  So now, the tenth player doesn’t have to sit waiting out in the bleachers, but can have a front row seat where and whenever s/he chooses.

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