Surviving and Thriving Amid Rising Video Competition

by SeaChange on Jun 16, 2016 8:03:26 AM

Today’s consumers have far greater opportunities to enjoy content from sources outside of traditional television operator offerings. But due to their ability to aggregate services, operators still retain their position as the most significant player in the value chain. They provide value-added functionality for subscribers and advertisers as well as a single service and billing relationship with subscribers. Operators are uniquely positioned to make it easier for subscribers to get the content they want, where and when they want, and enjoy meaningful engagement with their media.


The Time to Innovate

As is the case in any technological arena, nothing stands still. In the premium video delivery environment operators need to continually address emerging, non-traditional competition, increase market share, differentiate product lines and grow revenues. To meet these challenges, they need a solid foundation of open solutions that give them the ability to quickly innovate and provide relevant, engaging content and consumer-centric experiences. The key to it all lies in having an open back office solution that offers operational efficiencies and opportunities to add features in a simple, unified manner, as well as decrease time to market for new features and reduce operational costs. These solutions must not only enable subscribers to watch content on all screens, all the time, but present both content and advertising in an individualized context in order to drive engagement and subscriber loyalty. Some of the ways this can be accomplished include aggregating content with OTT sources and adding sophisticated search and recommendations engines. Also compelling is being able to leverage marketing tactics that promote timely and relevant content and accelerate revenues via binge watching, trending features and personalized bookshelves.

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