True Grit: Surviving (and Thriving) Through the Coming OTT Winter

by SeaChange on Jul 12, 2016 2:53:12 PM

We see skyrocketing statistics on the consumption of online video every day. eMarketer data revealed U.S. adults spent 76 minutes viewing online video daily in 2015, up a dramatic 262% from 21 minutes in 2011.

But viewing data doesn’t provide us with an accurate assessment of the current or future profitability or size of the OTT video service business.

For that reason, our new white paper seeks to dig into the details of OTT to understand the state of the market today, how it will likely evolve and how those viewpoints should influence your OTT strategy.


The Gartner Hype Cycle reminds us that a vast divide periodically exists between innovation sellers and the hard-nosed reality of adoption rates and economic returns in competitive markets. Thus, it’s wise to have a long-term perspective on your investment in the OTT business.

The Hype Cycle also illustrates the way innovation travels, over time, on overlapping waves of disruption and convergence. From 50,000 feet, it’s easy to see strategic trends, but it’s harder to get the timing and execution right on tactical investments in the right business models and ‘must have’ features and content.

Yet that’s the mixture that will determine whether your OTT service thrives. Those characteristics emerge from an experienced perspective, operational agility and staying power. And to manage it, you need an OTT PlayBook.



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